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"The Original Tacos al Pastor"

Because Mexican cuisine is so famous in our area, as well as other Hispanic foods, it can be difficult to find an authentic traditional Mexican food. However, what makes of Taqueria Azteca the best food trailer in the Orlando Florida is that we make our own delicious and authentic, fresh dishes as well original taco al Pastor. 

Taqueria Azteca is a family business owned. Operated by Margarita Mondragon & Patricia Mondragon who have gotten their skills from various famous restaurants in Orlando, Their passion lies on in the Authentic Mexican food style. More than 20 years of experience in the Mexican cuisine preparing traditional dishes. 

Furthermore, We have the highest level of empathy, dignity, and care for our customers, that is what Taqueria Azteca stand for, and we strive to always offer you more for your money. We have a main Mexican dishes as Tacos Al Pastor, Tortas, Gorditas, Pambazos, Huaraches, Quesadillas, Elotes, Sopes and much more. In conclusion, if you swing by for some food or you have an event we can deliver food to you.

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